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None of this is any excuse for abuse, because there is no excuse for that; still, maybe just because of its basis in well-known abuse cases, "The Way You Lie" has become a way for many people to discuss the ways in which our picture of abuse sometimes diverges from the reality. "I'll be nicer to women when Aquaman drowns and Human Torch starts swimmin'," he snarls; elsewhere, he mocks an imaginary journalist for asking why he's "so biased to the ho's." Or there's this: "Yeah I laugh when I call you a slut, it's funny." MORE ON EMINEM: Kevin Fallon: Rihanna and Eminem's New Video: Glorifying Domestic Violence?

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And then there’s the problem of a guy's photos consisting of a group shot, an unfocused picture, an incredibly zoomed-out photo, a picture of his dog and an action shot where you can’t actually see what he looks like.